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Cut Wood

Wood Characteristics


Customers are urged to spend a few minutes to learn the characteristics of wood which due to become your members in accommodation.

1. Wood will mellow and distress with age, especially it has exposure to sunlight.  The beauty of wood and its status after use are totally contingent on how frequent the rejuvenation and maintenance plans are.  Wood never has inertia, no matter it is in forest and stays in your home as furniture.  It continues to interact with humidity, sunlight, temperature, and air pressure.

2. Wood’s interaction with humidity is its hygroscopic characteristic.  The environmental moisture will flow into or out of the wood depending on the humidity imbalance. Instead of thinking absurdly to eradicate humidity in wood, we use a harmonic mentality to let wood placing at your home in a moisture equilibrium.  Our mill expert had kiln-dried wood to this desired level.  It means moisture inflow & outflow cause wood’s contraction & expansion happens in a negligible manner.  To remain this harmony, people should not bring wood to face vicissitude of life anymore.  Drastic change in room condition and extreme fierce devices (furnace or oven) should be kept away from wood furniture

3. Wood naturally has knots, nuts, and cracks.  In production, certain degree of putty filler or cosmetic method will be used on wood to perfect its outcome, nevertheless, people need to concurrently admire its imperfection.  Also, some rustic or distressing effect are the intended outcome buying for.  Such splits and aging effect could render shabby outlooks and various degree of perception.  Given that, they are all designer’s selection of creativity.

4. Designers, workers, and mill both use tape measure in daily life.  They both observe wood’s behaviors but sometimes see matters from different angles.  As such, people are encouraged to reserve 2-3 cm tolerance in dimension to let wood furniture integrate comfortably with accommodation neighbors.  If there is clash among objects, allowance remains to cushion.

5. Wood has a special attribute that different sawing method will expose grain pattern differently to viewers.  In rigid observation, each individual board come from different parts of tree chunk are all unique and has its incomparable grain stroke.  So, people admire its natural uniqueness, and it is a distinctive admiration from duplicatable plastic.  Wood of the same species are look-alike to sense they are family members, but they are not identical.

6. When wood involved staining, it is a combination or wood, coating, lighting effect and other unforeseen factors at use.  People can use showroom, samples, and coating method to envisage the finished product.  Coupled with different aged degree among wood samples, finishing experts shall endeavor to follow color charts but there is no guarantee to give birth a pair of twins.

7. To have longer years of satisfaction, corrosive and abrasive matters are all kept at distance away. 


For enquiry, you are encouraged to consult wood experts to develop a regular maintenance plan and professional re-finishing plans.

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