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Treated Timber

Pressure Treated Timber (ACQ/CCA)

Wood, primary softwood is pressure treated with chemicals to protect it from rotting due to insect and microbial agent attack and wood boring marine invertebrates. This product is mainly apply on siding, patio furniture, shingles, foundation piling and above ground structural lumber. 

CCA treated wood.jfif

Thermal Treated Timber

Thermal treated wood has undergone a heat-treating process that changes the fundamental structure of the wood, making it highly sutiable for exterior applications. During the process, the boards will gain a beautiful light brown to dark tone. 

Carbonized Timber

Carbonized wood were burnt with fire to eliminate the moisture, grease and flammable. After wood charring, the wood fiber pores are highly integrated, becoming stronger and no longer be expanding. This allows wood to become more resilient to face humid environments. Wood carbonization is an unique heat-treating technique and brings impressive appearance and quality to existing timber. Trendy and elegant. Carbonized wood is normally appeared in an aesthetical black color.

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