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You or your client might have specified to use wood for your project. Nature offers a great variety of different timber species, providing us with many possibilities. Perhaps you already have an idea which specie you want to use or what appearance you are looking for. Other than that, it’s important to keep in mind that some woods are more suitable than others for certain applications.

So only if we have a good understanding of your design, we go into the requirements of the material. We care about the results and believe that a close involvement and continuous support are part of our responsibility. This procedure is designed in order to achieve the desired result:


Industrial Designer

Architects & Designers

Timber is gradually gaining popularity again due to its design flexibility and environmental advantages. It’s an easy material to work with. We can help determine and offer advice on the suitability of species, finishes and maintenance. These are just a number of areas where our specialist knowledge could help you to achieve the finish and image you are after.

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We may, or may not have been specified on a project, if we have there is a high chance that we have been in discussion with the architects along the way. We can offer advice on working with the material and storage. If we have not been specified, then please contact us with requirements and questions about appearance, suitability or maintenance.

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As a private buyer you may be covering a number of roles, from looking for the most suitable materials in terms of price, durability, to the maintenance and ease of installation. We can help you to address these challenges.

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from concept to tailoring, we provide a full suite of supporting service.

Wood personalized service
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