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Wood-Ideas was founded by a team of wood enthusiasts who has extensive knowledge, experience and network in global wood industry, wishing to share our passion, offer more choices and promote the  beauty & benefit of applying wood in daily life.

We are the go-to-partner for tailored wood solutions, we work with architects, interior designers, creators, contractors, corporate and individuals to realize their innovative projects, shape their ideas of wood.

Our product range covered wood for interior, exterior, structural, marine use, wood slab and wood art solutions,  we make our client's ideas and projects possible. With our collection of over 80 species of wood from worldwide sources, we transform them into different shapes and forms, turn them into art piece merging with human life, we provide our clients countless possibilities in their designs.

Over the 20 years span, we maintained long standing relationships with our suppliers and have our strict Prima Excellence quality control system in place to preserve that consistency.


We love nature and care about ecology, so we only supply legally sourced timber, we carry certified wood that is compliant with international regulations, including but not limited to FSC™, PEFC, SVLK and MTCC.


Expertise:        Furnish professional advise and service

Creativity:       Craft ideas into possibilities

Reliability:       Stay a trusted wood solutions provider

Passion:          Commit enthusiasm and pride

Sustainability:  Praise nature and care for ecology


Wood is one of the mother nature's few renewable and sustainable resources. It's everywhere around us: in houses and furniture; bridges and railroads; flooring and decking; walls and ceilings. Whenever you find human constructions, you will find wood elements.

By cultivating knowledge of wood, its different species, their characteristics, their applications and a more balanced & diverse forest reserves, we work towards a sustainable future.

Member of Hong Kong Construction Materials Association 

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Member of Hong Kong Green Building Council

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