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Hardwood Repair and Maintenance

Wood will mellow and distress with age, especially after weathering effect.  The beauty of wood and its status after use are totally contingent on how frequent the rejuvenation and maintenance plans are.  Wood never has inertia, no matter it is in the forest or stays at your home as furniture.  It continues to interact with humidity, sunlight, temperature, and air pressure.

Generally, after exposed to outdoor conditions, all woods are susceptible to this ubiquitous harmful factor: UV Rays.  UV rays age everything including human’s skin and wood.  Like sunscreen, UV coating helps to block UV rays and slows the aging process and mitigate the extent.  By the same token, other thematic coatings are designed to cope with other harmful factors i.e. waterproofing or anti-termite.  Wood coating is indeed the knowledge to understand the deficiency.  With the additional coating, we strengthen it to treat Achilles’ Heel.

With the same purpose but different approaches, immersion in chemical solution and treated in thermal oven change the weak attributes of wood to a more stable one in outdoors.  After undergoing these treatments, wood texture is strengthened to an extent not feeble to environmental variables. 

Outdoor wood restoration service range:
Outdoor wood furniture
Chairs & Benches
Wood deck & fence
Patio, Pergola, Trellis

What we can do for deck and fence repair?
Fix deck structure and boards
Rebuild your existing deck
Fix raised nails and screws
Remove old coatings with deck sanding and stripping
Chemical rejuvenation, removing timber stains and adding a protective layer
Deck sealing and coating, protect your decks natural colour

You are encouraged to consult our wood experts to develop a regular maintenance plan and professional re-finishing plans.


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