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sustainable living | 100% natural | low carbon footprint | tailored solution



Appeal your visitors at the very first sight 

By incorporating timber cladding into the exterior design, an inviting ambiance that extend a warm welcome to guests right from the moment they set foot near the building. This is where natural timber cladding comes into play.

Easy to handle, limitless design freedom.



Timber cladding not only provides protection but also showcases the natural beauty of different timber species, offering a range of design options to choose from.

Custom Made/ Custom size is available


A fence is no longer just a fence. It is a showpiece, a backdrop, an integral part of your outdoor living. Fences will incorporate lighting, plants, unique accents, and other features that integrate seamlessly with the home’s aesthetic.

A well - built fence can give you some security and privacy. Wood Ideas offers a wide range of fencing options, including traditional fences, lattice structures, lovers, trellis and privacy screens made from fence panels and other products.


In addition to professional construction services, Wood Ideas provides technical support and expert advice on selecting the right materials for your deck and fence projects. Contact us today to turn your outdoor scenery dream into a reality.  

Application ideas

  1. Outdoor - Pier, Dockside, Garden, Rooftop, Balcony, Terrace

  2. Indoor - Bathroom, Sauna, Yatcht floor

  3. Solid wood can also be used for various design elements, such as screens, seating, gates and fences


100% Natural wood. Crafted to last.

Highly durable & resilient

Strong resilience and resistant to attack by decay fungus and termites. Strong enough to withstand high traffic areas

Weather Resistance

Adopts easily to weather and moisture changes

Natural & Organic

No VOCs, no harmful chemicals, naturally safe and environmentally friendly

Sustainable & Renewable

FSC certified. Woods are renewable, can be recycled and repurpose for other usages.

Easy Maintenance

Smooth surface, clean cutting & easy fastening. 

Custom-size Service

Custom cut wood solutions according to every concept, design, shape and drawing

Fire Retardant

Wood contains water and is a poor heat conductor, which is why it burns slowly

Up-to-10-year Warranty

We provide ongoing care & maintenance service for

up to 10 years

feature wall 22.jpg


Smooth surface
no visible screws on the top

High stability
be stable even under harsh weather

Flexible arrangement
Vertical or horizontal applications

Profile options
Different options of profile to fit different needs

Custom service
fit any sizes/styles of design


wood slats

Wood-Ideas timber cladding is a versatile and visually appealing solution for enhancing the exterior and interior of any buildings, regardless of its age or style.  It is not only an excellent way to enhance building's appearance but also its comfort and structural performance. Highly recommended for both commercial or residential properties.

exterior cladding usage.jpg

*reference only, attaching system may vary according to dimensions / shapes 


At Wood-Idea we offer four different profiles for cladding. Our classic and most popular one is the tongue & groove (T&G) profile. A slight alternation from the T&G with a sloping curved face is the Shiplap. Bevel cladding emits a more rustic warmth and rain screen creates a modern flat faced finish with a small gap between the boards.

t&g profile.jpg


Shiplap Cladding.jpg


Bevel Cladding_edited.jpg



Board Thickness: 18mm (our typical range 15 - 25mm)

Board Widths: 75mm (our typical range 75 – 140mm)

Board Lengths: 1200mm (our typical range 800 – 2000mm)


Note: The dimensions vary with specie.
Other specifications can be customised. Contact us for other possibilities.



The long-term performance of cladding is dependent on regular and effective maintenance. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the type of finish and the degree of exposure to the weather. Recoating and any further preparations should be carried out in accordance with the finish manufacturer’s specifications.

Contact us for further care & maintenance information.


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