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Exploring the Beauty of Wood

Brand Spotlight | CONSTRUCTION+ | BCI Asia

Wood has always been used as a structural and finishing material in construction of many types. In recent years this building material is gaining increased attention due to various benefits.

Rising demand for green buildings has positioned wood as a powerful and valuable solution for sustainable structures that doesn’t add unnecessary layers of cost or compromise building performance. It is recognized as a renewable resource. It grows naturally, and modern standards for forestry prescribe wood harvest in a sustainable way to preserve the environment of the forest. Many studies also show that processing of wood requires significant less fossil fuel and releases much less carbon compared to other building materials such as steel, concrete and aluminum.

As a building material, wood has excellent performance. Its superior strength qualities provide versatile and reliable building material for a wide range of structural applications – beams, walls, flooring, large wood panels etc. When considering thermal performance issues, wood possesses natural insulating attributes. The interlocking cells provide this material with excellent dampening capacities. While wood is indeed a combustible material, in construction it has significant insulating properties and burns in a slow and predictable way. It contains water and is a poor heat conductor, which is why it burns slowly.

Today’s green-building efforts include occupants’ health and well-being alongside environmental sustainability.

Wood’s association with positive environmental and human health makes it an economical and advantageous building material. By integrating nature’s finest into design, designers create a sense of nature and comfort, and help people experience the leisure away from the busy city life.

Regardless of the many benefits and advantages that wood has to offer, its application in Hong Kong and Asia is still not very evident. Perhaps it is the missing of know-how or awareness The natural beauty of wood of wood and its versatility. Perhaps it is the limited availability of different wood species. Nevertheless, wood is an excellent natural material that requires minimal processing to create beautiful constructions or finishes that radiates warmth and comfort.


Wood Ideas

Wood Ideas has made its mission to promote better living by using nature’s finest material, wood. Wood Ideas is started by wood enthusiasts who have been in the industry for more than 20 years. The company supplies a global source of certified hardswoods and softwoods and provides tailored solutions for their clients in the Asia market. Being FSC and PEFC certified the company demonstrates active encouragement of sustainable forestry. They partner up with architects, designers, contractors, developers, producers and individuals to realize striking and sustainable projects. Each wood specie has its own unique attributes in terms of looks, strength, durability, etc. To get the most out of each material, it is important to have a good understanding of the different species. Wood Ideas helps their clients with professional advice and delivers high quality tailor-made solutions.

Offering Choice

Many wood products or materials available in the market are already finished. This gives designers and architects no room for creativity. A wooden floor or wall panel is just as it is. You cannot alter its finishing or its shape. By providing creative minds the original material, they can tailor it to their needs. They can decide to go for a round, rectangular or any other shapes. They can decide on the finish to get the desired effect that they want. Wood is simply that versatile. It also comes inbmany varieties. Some are lighter, some are heavier; some have consistent patterns, some have unique distinct stripes; some are light in colour, some are dark in colour and some are even reddish. The company believes that creative people should not be restricted in their imaginations. Their collection of over 80 wood species from all over the world gives clients endless choices in their designs.


Different wood species and shapes can have different appearances that express a certain feeling or ambiance. That makes wood such a wonderful and versatile material. To help architects and designers to realize the products or projects that they want, Wood Ideas tailors the wood to their specification. Whether the client wants long and wide flooring boards for a grand commercial space, or façade made of wooden slats for a residential project to extend a warm welcome to guests, the company helps them to realize it by tailoring it to the required dimensions.

Endless applications

Wood is a versatile building material and can be used in a wide range of applications. A walnut hardwood floor is an inspiration to any space where people get together to live, work and enjoy. Timber cladding is an extremely popular finishing for the inside or outside of any commercial and residential buildings. A teak decking in the garden creates the perfect scenery for a gathering with friends and family. These are merely some examples of the possibilities of the nature’s finest material. The ease of installation of wood makes it such a popular and adaptable building material. The possibilities are simply endless.

Promoting sustainability and variety

Wood Ideas was started with a clear vision in mind that is to make the wide range of beautiful natural wood accessible and promote sustainable buildings for better living working and enjoying. The company offers their clients more choices in creating beautiful and meaningful designs by offering the world’s finest building material. The variety in look and feel of each wood species, allows the designer to create different emotions for different settings.


Special thanks to BCI Asia on featuring our brand in CONSTRUCTION + (Issue 13)


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