Wood Deck, Fence & Pergola


Residential project, Hong Kong

Features: Ipe instantly transforming the roof to outdoor living space, create a relax and inviting atmosphere. The concealed door meets both access and aesthetics requirements.

Species: Brazilian Ipe

Residential project, Hong Kong

Features: The natural teak deck is taking the dining area to the next level, the flooring match with the dining table perfectly. 100% organic Southeast Asian Teak, creating an inviting, cozy atmosphere to the room. The suspended installation system allows an easy way for installation and maintenance. Deck maintenance is easier than you think!

Species: Teak

Public Institution, Hong Kong

Project: Exterior hardwood cladding & planter

Features: the project has incorporated Tigerwood and Cumaru wood for outdoor cladding and planter usage, the two species of hardwood originated from South America that are naturally resist to mold, mildew and decay. We applied exterior oil coating for better protection and to extend the life expectancy of the wood.


The natural pattern of Tigerwood resembled tiger skin pattern that offered an unique, cozy and inviting atmosphere to the place.

Species: Muiracatiara & Cumaru

School project, Hong Kong


Featured product: Garapa hardwood



decking & Merbau benches.


*Due to extreme weather in HK, special water resistant coating has applied.

Species: Garapa, Merbau

Residential Project - Villa
Providence Peak (Hong Kong)

Featured product:
Hardwood decking 

Species: Cumaru

Residential Project - Pergola
Providence Peak (Hong Kong)

Featured product:
Hardwood post, decking, lumber

Species: Merbau

Residential Project - Sauna
Hainan (China)

Featured product:
Softwood boards

Species: Spruce



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