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Every day we enter numerous buildings and rooms without paying attention to the walls or ceilings that surround us. They’re just there. When was the last time you entered a serene space that spoke cosiness and made you want to stay longer? Our natural timber cladding makes any space stand out by adding warmth and life to the environment. For both commercial and residential buildings, interior wall cladding adds stunning architectural flair, giving a room a feeling of finest quality and style. Wood panelling works wonders to transform foyers, reception areas, lift wells, ceilings and more. Our interior cladding offers design freedom, ease of handling, a range of products and the natural beauty of timber.

We’ll provide you with technical support and help choose the right type of cladding for your project. Contact us now to find out how our specialists will help make that a reality.

Application Use

Wood-Idea timber cladding provides an attractive and effective way to finish the interior of both new and old buildings and suits a traditional, modern or uniquely designed commercial or residential building.

  • Walls

  • Ceilings

  • Decorative wall Lining

Product Dimension

Board Thickness: 12mm (our typical range 10 - 25mm)

Board Widths: 75mm (our typical range 50 – 150mm)

Board Lengths: 1200mm (our typical range 800 – 2000mm)


Note: The dimensions vary with specie
Contact us for the possibilities.



At Wood-Idea our interior timber cladding can be provided with the tongue & groove (T&G) profile or smooth sides for ease of installation.

Contact us if you are looking for a specific profile or design.

t&g profile.jpg


Timber cladding can be installed with nails or adhesives onto a clean solid surface. Wood-Idea recommends that an experienced professional contractor handles the installation of hardwood timber cladding.

Contact us for more information.


The long-term performance of cladding is dependent on regular and effective maintenance. The frequency of maintenance will depend on the type of finish and the degree of exposure to the weather. Recoating and any further preparations should be carried out in accordance with the finish manufacturer’s specifications.

Contact us for further care & maintenance information.


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